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Tọa độ: 45°38′44″B 4°02′46″Đ / 45,6455555556°B 4,04611111111°Đ / 45.6455555556; 4.04611111111

Champdieu là một xã trong tỉnh Loire miền trung nước Pháp.

The town and name of Champdieu evolved in the course of ages. First of all CANDICUS (Roman leader), then in 11th century the village is called CANDIACO. It becomes in 13th century CHANDIACO then CHANDIEU and becoming in the 16th century into "FIELD-GOD" expression in French to finally in 1801 to be registered CHAMPDIEU.


"Sunt autem ipsæ res site in pago Lugdunense, in agro Candiacense, in villa et Castrum Candiaco dei Baronum Candiæ" Latin inscription in the land registry of the Castle and baronny of Candia.

The origin of the village parried be previous to Carolingian times. The current village of Champdieu was formed in 10th century (980) around the rich bénédictain establishment created on the fief of the old Castle of Candiae (Castrum Candiacus). The first Lords of Candiae or Chandieu were the barons of Candia descendents of Robert Guiscard d'Hauteville founders of the dynastic House of Candia vassals of the counts of Forez.

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