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Tọa độ: 46°06′29″B 6°35′32″Đ / 46,1080555556°B 6,59222222222°Đ / 46.1080555556; 6.59222222222

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Taninges là một xã trong tỉnh Haute-Savoie thuộc vùng Rhône-Alpes đông nam Pháp.

Taninges is a very pleasant, large village of over 3000 people in the French Alps about 45 phút drive east of Geneva and close to Cluses. It dates back to Roman times, with some Roman mountain tracked, cobble stone tracks. It has Hotels, restaurants, a cinema, a large Super-U supermarket (With well priced fuel), a river, high quality municipal campsite, lots of walks and cycle tracks and if that wasn't enough a good tourist information center with internet and multi-lingual staff. It is close to the Winter resorts of Pras des Lys, Sommand, and Les Gets.

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